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At Maddox, Isaacson & Cisneros, LLP, we have amassed 90 years of combined experience. During this time, we have explored and gained proficiency in an impressively diverse cross-section of legal fields. Having experience in so many different aspects of the law is extremely beneficial to our clients. This fluency allows us to understand our client’s case through the lenses of different practice areas and allow for a more thorough grasp of its details. Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys are eager to utilize our varied perspectives to the benefit of our clients.

General Counsel & More

We can help companies and other entities, such as homeowner’s associations (HOA), with many different kinds of legal tasks, such as contract negotiations, mediation, disputes and settlement negotiations, board member training, or simply advice on day-to-day legal issues. Counsel such as this may seem small, but is often critical to things continuing to run smoothly at your business.

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